Enterprise Culture

Clients' Creative Philosophy:

Let clients enjoy a kind of fashionable, trendy and comfortable life with our products

Employees' Creative Philosophy:

Work and live happily, and realize dreams together at Haoweidun

Enterprise's Creative Philosophy:

Build a leading wold-class enterprise of fashionable leather garments, we are proud of Haoweidun

Haoweidun's Vision:

Become an influential high quality manufacturing company of washable leather garments

Haoweidun's Mission:

Help those who are willing to grow and succeed to realize their dreams

Haoweidun's Business Philosophy:

Survive on quality, create benefits through management, promote growth with service and win future by caring for people

Haoweidun's Management Philosophy:Continuous improvement, forging ahead, teamwork and working happily

Haoweidun's Faith: Make unremitting efforts until success

Haoweidun's Tenet: Bring sustainable profits to enterprise, ensure longevity in garment industry

Haoweidun's Client Viewpoints: Satisfy clients, and ensure all we do is beneficial to them

Haoweidun's Product Viewpoints: High quality, good service

Haoweidun's Talent Viewpoints: Be loyal and upright, and be professional and enterprising

Haoweidun's Style:Be serious, efficient and keep promises

Haoweidun's Code of Conduct:Ensure completion of tasks

Haoweidun's Slogan:Be tolerant, educate employees to behave well